Welcome to Beginner Beekeeping

with Axe & Root Homestead

Have your ever wondered about the secret life of honeybees? Have you ever wanted to look inside their world, to discover their ways and to learn to become a beekeeper? 

We've all heard that learning to keep bees is an art with a steep learning curve. However this course breaks down honeybees, their roles within the hive, comb, pests, hive inspections, hive equipment and more with simple lessons. By the end of this four-part video series, you will:

  1. Know the difference between the worker bees, drones and the queen
  2. Understand each of their respective roles within the hive structure
  3. Be able to identify various types of comb built by the bees
  4. Understand basic bee behaviors
  5. Know the components of the Langstroth beehive and be able to assemble your equipment
  6. Learn several essential hive accessories and beekeeping tools
  7. Discover three different ways to acquire bees and install them into your new hive
  8. Attend a sample hive inspection so you know what to look for with your own bees
  9. Discuss several pests that threaten the health of the hive
  10. Learn three methods for harvesting honey

These videos are yours to stream over and over again. In addition, you will have several downloadable PDFs to assist you:

  • Glossary of Terms
  • Langstroth Hive Components
  • Hive and Equipment Shopping List
  • Resource Guide for Purchasing Bees
  • A sample calendar for what to do month-by-month your first year
  • Recipes for feeding your bees
  • A Hive Inspection Report Form

This course focuses on the most commonly used hive in the world--the Langstroth beehive. It's an approachable and affordable hive solution for individuals looking to keep bees in their backyard, homestead or farm.

Honeybees are essential to pollinating the world's crops and we are losing them quickly. Learn to become a beekeeper so you can contribute to the honeybee population. It's your turn.

This is an introductory beekeeping course for beginning beekeepers. This course does not cover hive manipulations, queening and re-queening, splitting hives, specific pest management programs, bottling honey and preparing it for resale, nor winterizing due to the customer base viewing this course from various climates.

Disclaimer: Beekeeping requires knowledge and special skills, carries inherent dangers, and is often subject to regulation. It is your responsibility, prior to placing bees in your hive and on an ongoing basis, to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and codes of practice in your area, and acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for healthy, safe beekeeping. Instructional content we provide is intended as a general guide only and may not be applicable to your specific circumstances. If in doubt, seek assistance from your local authority, a professional beekeeping service, or your nearest beekeeping association.

Ready to Become a Beekeeper?

These videos are yours to stream over and over. Along with approachable lessons and downloadable PDFs, there's never been an easier way to beginning your beekeeping journey.


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Beginning Beekeeping Course with Axe & Root Homestead

    • Introduction to Beekeeping: Meet the bees, their roles within the hive and learn all about comb

    • Glossary of Beekeeping Terms

  • 2

    The Langstroth Hive, Feeders and Tools/Equipment

    • Introduction to Beekeeping Lesson 2: Let's discuss the Langstroth hive, beekeeping tools and equipment and options for feeding your bees

    • Langstroth Hive Components

    • Beekeeping Shopping List

    • Sugar Syrup Recipes for Honeybee Feeding

  • 3

    Acquiring and Installing Bees

    • Introduction to Beekeeping Lesson 3: Explore hive placement, purchasing bees and getting them installed

    • Bee Suppliers and Resources

  • 4

    Hive Inspections and Pests

    • Beginner Beekeeping Lesson 4: Let's walk through a hive inspection together, talk about a few pests and discover three methods for harvesting honey

    • Hive Inspection Report

    • Beekeeping First Year Sample Calendar